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What do you do with a great Review?

Stop!  Enjoy!  Writing is a lonely business….oh sure, family and friends read our stuff (sometimes reluctantly) and sometimes they really like what we’ve done!  LOL  But, a good (or great, if we’re so lucky) review from someone who doesn’t sleep in the bed next to us, or sit across the Thanksgiving table from us, or see us at work every day; that’s a rare validation that keeps us writers doing what we do.    Perhaps non-writers don’t know this but most of us who put pen to paper have no idea whether or not what we write is good or worthy of your attention and when we put it out there we hold our breath while it is judged.

The fine folks at BookReview.com have written a thorough (and very complimentary review of “Ten Minutes to Curtain”. Scroll down to take a gander, or click here to read it on the original site.

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Teen Fiction 
Title: Ten Minutes to Curtain! A Collection of Short Plays for the Young Actor
Author: Trisha Sugarek
Rating:  Must Read!
Publisher: CreateSpace.com
Web Page: www.amazon.com
Reviewed by: Eric Jones

Trisha Sugarek is a writer after my own heart. Her work is an ode to life meant to introduce children to the wonders and horrors that make life worth living. Ranging in length and production value, many of her plays invoke the feel of the old morality plays, and inherit their sense of distinction. They have been collected under the aptly titled, “Ten Minutes to Curtain”, and reading them back to back encourages them to be performed together as they flow exceedingly well from the first story of 1920’s poverty, to her final comedy about a loving, and unusual, modern housewife’s bizarre meeting with a multi-millionaire.

“Ten Minutes to Curtain” contains ten mini-dramas meant for middle school or high school production. They are appropriately simple in construction and complex in conflict, lending great emphasis on the characters established in each play. While Sugarek offers brief explanations on the stage sets, she sharply leaves them open to interpretation, allowing for many of the plays to be performed on a blank canvas as might be necessary in a class room or school yard.

“Love Never Leaves Bruises” is the pinnacle of Sugarek’s dramatic angle, and occurs at the peak of the book’s arc. It revolves around an abusive high school relationship between a boy and girl, and the emotional battle that the girl fights with her mother. While being representative of a classic case of high school hormonal imbalance, the play puts a major problem on its face and demonstrates to kids how harmless dating can quickly turn dangerous.

But Sugarek is not content to keep all of her plays in a setting familiar to the children who will be performing them. Her plays encourage an exploration of both time and emotion. “Pan of Potatoes”, “La Verne and Mr. Service”, and “The Waltz” all take place during the 1920s, and while dealing with situations that children can relate to; poverty, dance parties, and poetry, they also introduce them to the work of Robert Service, as well as the social constructs of other periods.

Sugarek’s master work can be cut up and performed in the segments that make up the larger work, but I believe that they would be best served in performance back to back.  The over arching theme is that of children’s natural conflict with parents as they grow older.  It’s an astonishing work that finds a way to say so much with so little, and turns the bare stage into every young man and woman’s living room. A perpetual battle ground for issues of trust and mistrust, laughter and misery, overwhelming loss and astounding triumph. ~~BookReview.com

We writers are very self-critical……but remember to stop and enjoy the successes….something that you know is well written….your book sales….or a review that tells you that you are on the right track.  You deserve it!!


Book Signing next Saturday


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Shaver Book Sellers, on Madison Square here in Savannah has  invited this author  to hold a
book signing.

This event will begin at  2PM   next Saturday, November 17th.

Shaver’s carries all of Sugarek’s children’s books, her poetry and her novel, “Women Outside the Walls”.  Also available will be most of her play scripts.

Come by and say “hello” and enjoy this historic, iconic book store that iswomen's fiction, prison, love, family, writing, locally owned and operated.


Shaver’s Booksellers 326 Bull Street (Madison Square) Savannah

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Bertie, the Bookworm…..gets glowing review

Bambi, fairy tales, fables, ecology, environment,books for kids, books for children,bullying, literacy‘….Being a great-grandma and a big fan of the Fabled Forest stories,  I read “Bertie, the Bookworm and the Bully Boys….” before I sent a copy off to each of my many grandkids and great grandkids.   I thought it was wonderful. The children I sent the books to are enjoying reading it. Hard for me to believe some of them are reading without the help of a parent. Sugarek makes a lot of parents very happy with her fairy tales and gentle lessons about being kind and not bullying others because they might be smaller or different.  I really enjoy the series because many of the characters return to each story and I look forward to seeing what they are up to now.  I highly recommend these fables to parents and grandparents…..’  Margaret C.  A great-grandma


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click here 
Stanley, the Stalwart Dragon”








The Exciting Exploits of an Effervescent Elf”   ====>

Bullies! Déjà-vu in the most horrific way!

cyber-bullying, bullying, girls who bully, short plays for teens, high school, middle school   A few weeks ago I published four short plays addressing cyber-bullying and verbal bullying in our schools.  My hope was that if teens and their teachers read these plays (and performed them in their classroom) it would maybe open a dialogue about this deadly practice.

In “You’re Fat, You’re Ugly…”  Aanya is a beautiful, talented student, much like Amanda Todd, who is driven to attempted suicide by her peers’ relentless bullying.  In “Cyber-Hate” Cathy is the victim of bullying that leads to violence. “The Bullies” is about boys who bully.

I wrote these plays depicting different variations of bullying…..Fiction based on dry statistics.

And now in today’s headlines we read about Amanda Todd, (age 15) a beautiful young girl who just couldn’t take anymore.  She felt her only option to escape this form of terrorism (bullying) was to take her own life.  It saddened me and my love and prayers go out to her family and friends.  This pointless loss of a young woman’s life also outraged me. Amanda’s cry for help (I assume) was a previous attempt at suicide by drinking bleach.  Her stalker-bully wrote a message to her, “Try harder.”  What kind of monster does this??

‘Amanda Todd, a Vancouver-area teenager who posted a story to YouTube last month about being cyber-bullied, was found dead Wednesday night in Coquitlam, Canada. Authorities believe she committed suicide.  Amanda’s video tells a heart-wrenching story of the bullying she was subjected to — both online and off. “In 7th grade,” she begins, sharing her message on cue cards, “I would go with friends on webcam [to] meet and talk to new people.” At one point, a stranger flattered her into flashing the camera…..

One year later, a man contacted her on Facebook, threatening to send around the picture of her topless “if [she] don’t put on a show.” Terrifyingly, the stranger knew everything about her: her address, school, friends, relatives, and the names of her family members. Soon, her naked photo had been forwarded “to everyone.”Amanda developed anxiety, depression, and anxiety disorders, she says in the video, followed by a path into drugs and alcohol.’ ~~ Huffington Post

We, as the adults, MUST take control of this deadly game that teens are playing.  Maybe the bullies need to see their parents go to jail for their actions.   After all, these bullies are just children,  and the parents are ultimately responsible for their child’s behavior.  The buck stops at the parents’ door step.


                                                                                            SAVE LIVES!

More resources re: Bullying, Cyber-bullying

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Bambi was romping in the Austrian forest long before Disney…. [3 of 3 in series]

Classic fairy tales researchedI sure didn’t want the fury of Disney coming down on me because of copyright issues while writing “Bertie, the Bookworm and the Bully Boys“.  So it led me to do some serious research on the origins of Bambi and make certain it was public domain.  Now for you new writers, if you don’t understand what that is, write me a comment and I will share. Did you know that Bambi, a Life in the Woods  is considered one of the first environmental, ecology-minded books ever written?  Amazing, right??   Bambi, a Life in the Woods, originally published in Austria as Bambi.  Written in  1923, an Austrian novel by Felix Salten. The novel traces the life of Bambi, a male roe deer, from his birth through childhood, the loss of his mother, the finding of a mate, the lessons he learns from his father and experience about the dangers posed by human hunters in the forest. An English translation by Whittaker Chambers was published in North America  in 1928, and the novel has since been translated and published in over 20 languages around the world.

The novel was well received by critics and is considered a classic. It was adapted into a theatrical animated film, Bambi, by  Walt Disney Studios in 1942, two Russian live-action adaptations in 1985 and 1986, and a stage production in 1998.  Janet Schulman released a children’s picture book adaptation in 2000 that featured realistic oil-paintings and many of Salten’s original words. Still available on www.amazon.com.

Now a version of Bambi graces my newest children’s book,Bambi, fairy tales, fables, ecology, environment,books for kids, books for children,bullying, literacy Bertie, the Bookworm and the Bully Boys“. Rather than take the obvious route of having Snow White, Cinderella, or Beauty appear I thought it would be so much more fun for my readers to meet some of the sub-characters like the wicked stepsister, one of the dwarves, Red Riding Hood, and the little piggies….and of course, Bambi.

children's books, fairy tales, bullying, literacy, new books for kids

Take a risk with your writing

homosexuality, teenagers, family, short plays, small casts, maternal love        So my series hasn’t even been on amazon.com for a week and I am experiencing sales. Why am I telling you this?  Well, it was sort of an experiment; publishing a series of single one act scripts……..
I can’t tell you how exciting this is…..’Keep it simple, stupid’ , seems to be working for me.
  I guess what I’m trying to do is encourage other writers to take a risk, try a new idea, challenge yourself and your writing.  What have you got to lose?  Currently there are ten of these short, one act plays.  With more to come.teenagers, new ideas, family, Billie Holiday, monologues for women, one act play, short play,teen dating violence, teenagers, high school, middle school, one act play, short plays,domestic violencebullying, bullies, high school, middle school, teens,one act, short stage play

New Web Site Launched for Writer!

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Announcing the LAUNCH of my new and improved web site. A new and interactive look with an easy to use on-line store!  You can buy my scripts, fiction, children’s plays and books, and my poetry.

Please leave a comment and let me know how you like my new look!


Best regards,  Trish


PS: My web designer and consultant is: Leon Adato,AdatoSystems

Now Available: “Bertie, the Bookworm and the Bully Boys”

The third in the Fabled Forest Series, these children’s chapter books delight kids from ages 2–11. Read on…….

Bertie, the bookworm is the fabled forest’s elder and teacher. Every week he has a spelling and reading circle where everyone is welcomed. Slam, the badger and his gang of bully boys are forever teasing, disrupting, and bullying Bertie and the group of faeries and woodland creatures. Pansy, the pixie is a new character in this third of the Fabled Forest series. She is a defender of reading, truth, and Bertie. Cheets, our beloved elf from past books joins the wrong crowd and his friends are worried that he will become the newest member of the Bully Boys.

The story teaches gentle lessons about literacy, bullying and ageism.

The book pays special homage to the classical fairy tales with appearances by little red riding hood, the wicked stepsister, the three little piggies and many more as they wander through the Fabled Forest. Variations of these classic stories, such as Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and many others, have been recorded throughout the world since the first century. The French tale of Cendrillon [Cinderella] was written in France in 1697 by Charles Perrault. Later in the eighteenth century the Brothers Grimm in Germany adapted the tale again. During his life time the master animator, Walt Disney [1901–1966] adapted the ancient fables to film.