Synopses ~~ Ten Minute Play series

Short plays, small casts, no set, no costumes.   Ideal for the classroom.

The latest in the collection of ten-minute plays. This series is on a myriad of topics ranging from silly and fun to suicide and murder. The collection offers over forty, to date, but the playwright is always adding more as time goes on.



Ending a relationship is hard at any age in life.  But being a teen, with few tools and no experience in life yet.  It’s got to be the hardest. 
3f. 1m.

“I Can’t Breathe” Jorge, a young black man is asked to teach a social studies class by his teacher. What it’s like to live the black experience. Only to become a victim, himself, later that same day. Driving home from school he is stopped by cops for a traffic infraction. It quickly turns deadly.

“Which One Was ME? ‘You only live once.’ But is this true? In this one-act play, Charlie is a man now in his early sixties. 

He watches his life reel out before him, giving him a chance to talk to his former selves.  Do these snapshots of our lives mean we have lived just one life or many?

m. 1 or 4 
Can easily be modified as a monologue audition piece

                                           “Black vs White vs Brown”  Ethnic groups have polarized and bullied each other for years, out on the street.  Recently teens have taken to their cell phones and computers to do the same. Blacks against whites against browns. All good kids at their core, but divided by the color of their skin. This short play centers around Prom Royalty campaigns and who wins this year!

teen run aways, running away, teenagers, classroom, short plays



“The Run-Away” 
Synopsis: Molly is fifteen and defiant when it comes to the rules her single parent Mom has set down. When she is forbidden to see the older boy she is dating and then grounded for a month, Molly runs away. Only to find that the streets are no place to run to. This short play for the classroom or drama department offers a safe environment for teenagers to explore the risks of running away from home. 3f. 1m. Cast can be expanded.


“The Bullies” tells of how Aamir, an honor role student is systematically attacked by a gang of bullies.bullying, bullies, high school, middle school, teens,one act, short stage play

This is a powerful short play about bullying.  It addresses cyber-bullying, verbal abuse and physical threats.   4m. Every day thousands of teens wake up afraid to go to school. Bullying is a problem that affects millions of students, and it has everyone worried, not just the kids on its receiving end. Yet because parents, teachers, and other adults don’t always see it, they may not understand how extreme bullying can get.Bullying is when a person is picked on over and over again by an individual or group with more power, either in terms of physical strength or social standing.

shy, shyness, conceit, bullying, high school, middle school, teenagers,short plays, small casts, one act plays for the young actor


“Mean Girls” 

Is she really stuck up? Or is she just shy? Some teenagers are so painfully shy that they put up a front so everyone thinks that they are unapproachable, cold, and stuck up.  Bridgette is beautiful, tall, blonde and a cheerleader. But her shyness keeps her from making any friends and she is quickly getting a bad reputation for being stuck on herself.

“Great Expectations” The expectations from parents, teachers, coaches, and peers are great! Add in a young man who has known for years that he is gay. Will his parents support his choices? Will his ex-marine father, living the football dream through his son, understand and accept him when he chooses dance over sports?



Drop the Phone What would happen if you put down your phone for a half an hour and had a real conversation with another human being? Now lets mix it up further; sit down and talk to someone in your class who you don’t really know that well or at all. Are they who you thought they were? Were they surprised about who you are? This one act play, styled for the classroom (no sets, no costumes, no props), has a group of teens who do not tweet, email, Facetime or chat on their mobile devices for one half hour. They must TALK to each other, face to (real) face.

cyber-bullying, bullying, girls who bully, short plays for teens, high school, middle school“You’re Fat, You’re Ugly and You Dress Weird”

Teenager, Aanya’s life has changed overnight…her two best friends no longer want to be seen with her. Now they hang with the most popular girl in school, Dakota, and her friends.
A gang of bullies who decide who’s in and who’s out. Aanya has always been told by her parents that she’s pretty and smart and can accomplish anything she wants to but…what if they’re wrong? What if she really is a fat loser, and weird, that no one wants to be friends with?

“Part-time Dad in Daughterland”
George has taken his daughter on their first vacation since the divorce. It was supposed to have created quality time for them…but, George never sees her. Every day, she is off somewhere in the theme park with her new best friends. Tippy-Toe, one of the theme park characters befriends George. Is she just an actor dressed up in a fairy costume or something much more?



“The Art of Murder”
Monty is an unknown artist, living in Greenwich Village.  From his third floor walk up, he watches his beautiful neighbor as she comes and goes.  Too shy to approach her, he paints her again and again.  Suddenly the police are at his door.

“The Last Text”texting and driving, teen texting, short plays, high school, middle school,

Four best friends drive to the Mall, after school, looking forward to shopping and going to the food court. Laughing, texting, talking on their cell phones, and not bothering with seat belts, it’s a recipe for disaster. 4f.



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