Monologues 4 Women ~~ Auditioning Tips


Synopsis:  Original, contemporary monologues written for the strong, female, character actor. Also, featuring monologues from the Classics; Shakespeare, Moliere, and Chekhov.

Also includes stunning monologues specifically written for the African-American actress.

A chapter on the Do’s and Don’ts……time tested tips for the audition process.



women's monologues, short play, small cast, one act play, murder, adult theme,TOE TAG #47

Synopsis: A stripper tells the audience how she got dead. This beautiful, poignant monologue for a woman is edgy, harsh and tender. How does a dancer, sometimes prostitute, end up dead, thrown from a car like so much garbage?
A great audition piece or short, one act for a strong character actor. This can be edited to a brilliant 3-minute piece.  1f.




Ash.Can.Coverew.doTHE ASH CAN
Synopsis: Double betrayal! What would you do if you were a wife who walked into your home just hours after your husband commits suicide, only to discover he also betrayed you with another woman?
This monologue looks at a crumbling marriage. The wife wants to fight to save the relationship spanning twenty-seven years. The husband, who is going through a severe mid-life crisis, wants out. The pressure of the situation results in his suicide.  Also a 10 minute play, this powerful piece can be distilled down to a 3 minute monologue. 1f.




Billie Holiday, monologues for women, one act play, short play,A HINT of MAGNOLIA

Synopsis: A wonderful monologue for an African-American actress featuring Billie Holiday. Can be used with or without Billie’s songs. A ten minute play can be distilled down to a 3 minute monologue. 1f.