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children's plays, stage plays,stories for children                                Emma and the Lost Unicornunicorns, riddles, fables, new fairy tales, fairies


            A Prince is changed into a unicorn and Emma saves him.  Using her wits in a contest of riddles she restores the prince to his homeland.




little women, stage plays, female cast, small cast,

The Guyer Girls


Frequently compared to ‘Little Women’ and ‘I Remember Mama’ {from early TV days} these four teenaged sisters grow up amidst the forests in Washington state in 1910’s.  The second act fast forwards to their return to Mama’s house, all grown up, as Pearl Harbor is attacked.

New children's book, fairy tales, fables, greed, ecology

The Exciting Exploits of an Effervescent Elf


The greedy spider, Patsy, has ensnared Emma in her web.  She is held captive has Lord Hazard agrees to sell off the fabled forest to developers!

children's plays, fairy tales, greed, ecology,girls

fairy tales, dragons, books for children, children's plays

Stanley the Stalwart Dragon


Stanley, a very young dragon has run away from home because he doesn’t fit in.  He just can’t blow fire and when he tries only bubbles emerge. This is a lesson on how dangerous it is to run away from home. Our friends and Emma save Stanley from himself!

family play, children, ghosts, spirits, comedy, children's play, stage play

Possession is Nine Tenths

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Bertie, the Bookworm and the Bully Boys


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children's plays, fairy tales, books for kids, bullying,pixies, elves,literacy Bertie holds weekly reading and spelling classes in the fabled forest.  Everyone looks forward to it.  One day a gang of bullies arrives, making everyone afraid.  Even Cheets, the elf falls under their spell!

These plays have been adapted to children’s chapter books with beautiful color illustrations.