The World of Haiku, poetry with original ink drawings

NOW AVAILABLE! haiku, poetry, Japanese, pen and ink art,

The World of Haiku

REVIEW ~~  Midwest Book Review

‘ “The World of Haiku” is a striking collection of original poetry; each poem consists of three haiku verses. Bold, pen-and-ink artwork embellishes each brief poem. The World of Haiku embodies the spirit of encompassing timeless observations in a fleeting moment of verse, and is a delightful treasure for any who enjoy contemplative haiku poetry.’

“Summer Woods”: a single leaf floats / deer creep along well worn paths / fish leap with delight // rings spread on the pond / katydids shout their presence / goslings paddle near // breezes stir the trees / the forest floor perfumes rise / a lone bird exults

~~~Paul T. Vogel, Reviewer

Comes the Fall

morning sun dapples
trees in a polka-dot dress
shines soft green and light

chilly hint of autumn
smells of summer, loam, and pause
visions of winter

sap returns from leaves
to store deep in the tree heart
yellow, red, orange, burnt


Memories of the South 

spanish moss shimmers
slave ghosts of days long gone by
hanging from the trees

stain on Old Glory
dark time of subjugation
when man enslaved man

memories forever
then bodies, now gray moss hangs
tears, blood wet the roots

JOURNAL, a companion book to The World of Haiku.  To inspire you to write your own Haiku or for  your
daily journaling.