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1..girl.write..mouse_1Now that  I have some time (4 yrs) and some traction under me with regard to my blog, I would love to hear from my subscribers, friends and fans.

What do you enjoy reading the most? What direction should I  continue in?


The series:  Motivational Moments…for Writers

Dean Koontz

Interviewing other authors

Reviews of books

The series: Nostalgia

Drop me a note here under comments (below) and let me know so I can keep providing you with good content and interesting subjects.

Thank you for your on going support of my work and effort.writing, process, writers, style

Warmest regards,  your fellow writer and friend,  Trish

4 thoughts on “Help Me! Take a 1 minute survey about my Blog!”

  1. I’m new here, so maybe it’s best to say how and why I found your blog. I was looking for tips on playwriting, which I found, then I stumbled onto the interviews with authors, which are very enlightening and fun to read.
    Overall, the content is great but the tone of your blog is the biggest plus. Clear, refreshing and down-to-earth. Keep it up 🙂

  2. I enjoy the variety. Also meant to write about your book…North to Alaska..what a great story…would love to hear more…how long did she live there and how many more kids did they have. Very likable characters and fine writing!

    1. Nancy, thanks so much for commenting on “Song of the Yukon” (north to Alaska). I am so happy to hear you enjoyed it so much. LaVerne lived in Alaska for 30+ years. I remember meeting her as a teenager (my auntie LaVerne) She was a raw-boned slim woman dressed in manish clothes. But very warm and kind. I actually saw a 45 sp.vinyl with her name on it as composer. She and Milo had two more children. I was just offered a publishing contract so very excited.Did you rec’ two new posts this past weekend. I think I am having trouble with the ‘mail’ service at WordPress. Anyway, there are two new ones if you would like to drop back by. Also added a new tab: “Tittle Tattle”
      Thanks again. Keep writing!

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