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Being a rabid fan of Rhys Bowen’s books, I particularly look forward to the characters that return in every one of the Royal Spyness Mysteries.  Queenie, the burdensome and hilarious maid who is worthless as a lady’s maid but is all our heroine, Georgiana, can afford. Georgie is the King’s cousin and a granddaughter of Queen Victoria, and  is broke. She can’t seek employment as a normal single young woman would be able to do…but has to limit herself to jobs that the royal family would approve of. Slim pickings for a royal who has limited skills.

Then there is Binky,  Georgiana’s brother (who doesn’t have a clue) and his parsimonious wife, Fig who would welcome the day that Georgiana disappeared from their lives for good. Also the on-going romance between ‘Georgie’ and Darcy.  Their anticipated wedding has two strikes against it already; Darcy is a Catholic and Georgie is Church of England which means the royal family would frown on the marriage.  They would have to obtain special permission from the King to wed. Enter Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson.  These stories are just loaded with delicious characters.

Mixed in with all of this is a darn good mystery.  This time the story is set in Ireland (one of my favorite places) where Lord Kilhenny, (Darcy’s father) has been arrested for murder! In the 30’s, when these stories take place, reputation and status is everything. Given that Darcy is now potentially the ‘son of a murderer’, he has broken his engagement to Georgie and cut all ties.

511xacrxegl-_sx308_bo1204203200_You’ll have to read this delightful mystery to find out who killed the crass American and if Darcy and Georgie get back together. Rhys weaves terrific stories and you won’t be disappointed by this latest offering.

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