Happy Birthday, Will Shakespeare!

Richard.IIIToday is William Shakespeare’s birthday and I thought what a perfect time for dig out my old tried and true monologue that I used for 25+ years when auditioning as an actor.

When you stand in front of a director and his usual team (a stage manager, an assistant director, etc.)and you tell them your name and what monologue you will be presenting, (in my case) Lady Anne from Richard III.  I always enjoyed watching their faces; knowing the inward groan…’Oh, crap!  Not Anne again… I would smile knowing what they were thinking.  
Because I used a much more obscure speech.  One where Anne follows Henry’s coffin.   Richard has caused his death and the death of Anne’s husband on his way to the throne.RichIII  Richard has the affront to approach her, while still mourning, and courts her.

I could really grab their attention from the first utterance; they were surprised and happy!

No! why? When he that is my husband now
Came to me, as I follow’d Henry’s corse,
When scarce the blood was well wash’d from his hands
Which issued from my other angel husband
And that dead saint which then I weeping follow’d;
O, when, I say, I look’d on Richard’s face,
This was my wish: ‘Be thou,’ quoth I, ‘ accursed,Anne.RichIII
For making me, so young, so old a widow!
And, when thou wed’st, let sorrow haunt thy bed;
And be thy wife—if any be so mad—
As miserable by the life of thee
As thou hast made me by my dear lord’s death!
Lo, ere I can repeat this curse again,
Even in so short a space, my woman’s heart
Grossly grew captive to his honey words
And proved the subject of my own soul’s curse,
Which ever since hath kept my eyes from rest;
For never yet one hour in his bed
Have I enjoy’d the golden dew of sleep,
But have been waked by his timorous dreams.
Besides, he hates me for my father Warwick;
And will, no doubt, shortly be rid of me.

Trisha Sugarek as Lady Macbeth
Trisha Sugarek as Lady Macbeth

I was classically trained as an actor and my acting and directing days

Trisha as Desdemona*Othello circa 1978* the Italian Plaza*New Orleans
Trisha as Desdemona*Othello circa 1978* the Italian Plaza*New Orleans

were the perfect foundation to being a better writer.  Happy Birthday, Will!!
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