Bragging….A Little Bit Is Allowed, Right?

Samuel French's bookstoreA few months ago I developed and published four Creative Writing Journals. The Samuel French Film and Theatre Bookshop in Hollywood carries these journals and are on their third re-order. I think they’re so popular because while there are 275 blank pages for the writer’s work, there are sections on ‘How To‘. Each page’s margin is embedded with an inspiring quote from a famous actor, author, playwright, poet, etc. I am so proud of these journals. Two of the four were created with female writers in mind. One for men entitled “Real Men Work Out….on Paper’.

While the Drama Book Shop in New York City carries many of my scripts they only CW.Cover.Collagedhave so much shelf space.  So the buyer has been reluctant to carry another journal. With the success that my journals are enjoying in Hollywood, the buyer in Manhattan recently sent me an order.  Yea!!!

To writers out there;  DON’T GIVE UP!  It’s taken me years to form these relationships. Be courteous and always try to present something that will benefit the person you are contacting and NOT necessarily just you!

REVIEW:  A satisfied customer recently wrote this review:

This is a beautiful and sturdy book with some of the best quotes out there to motivate you to dream bigger and write better.’

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