Emma and the Lost Unicorn…Book 1 in the Fabled Forest series

faeries, elves, warlocks, fables, riddles, fairy tales, theatre In addition to the color illustrated paper back, this charming book has had great success in audio books

In book 1 of the Fabled Forest Series: Rainey, the unicorn, is a prince who has been banished, for centuries, by the warlord, Hazard. He can never return home unless Emma solves more riddles than Kodak, Hazard’s Lieutenant who ultimately reveals his secret weakness. The fable ends with a surprise twist which will delight readers young and old. While written for children, this fairy tale is sophisticated enough to appeal to adults as well.

Queens, warlords, faeries, elves, unicorns, handmaidens, scary henchmen and one small mortal girl childEmma and the Unicorn Unicorn2 in an enchanted forest. The rhetorical owl and naughty elf provide much laughter. This parable offers many subtle lessons.


“But, Trish, how did you get started writing for children?  Your past genre has been so different.” my fans asked. 

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Stanley, the Stalwart Dragon

How did I get started writing children’s books?  Back in 2004, I was sound asleep at 3AM, when Cheets, my elf, planted his very big feet in the middle of my back and yelled in my ear.  “You must write about meyou must do it NOW!”  By the time I got up, got a cup of tea made and stumbled to my computer most of the characters already had names and Cheets was directing the show!  Prince Rainier had been bewitched into a unicorn and banished to the Fabled Forest.  Emma discovered him and, befriending the shy creature, vowed to lift the curse and return him to his home.

My children’s books are fables and all carry a lesson about loyalty, good works, greed, friendship, ecology, running away and literacy. I’m not on a soapbox; it just happened to work out that way.

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Bertie, the Bookworm and The Bully Boys

Leave yourself open! (Opps! Am I repeating myself again?) You Freckles, the Clownnever know where your writing will take you.  I was the most unlikely writer to end up writing children’s books as part of my repartee. For the most part, my ‘black’ Irish heart writes drama, serious gut wrenching stuff and it never crossed my mind to write for children.  LUCKY ME!   Cheets was insistent and would not be turned away.

This charming faery tale (Amazon.com) is in a children’s play format and also available (children’s audio books online) at audible.com

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