Leonard Said, ‘Yes!’ The Big Bang Theory!

PenandLeonardth       Penny and Leonard sittin’ in a tree….k.i.s.s.i.n.g.

Half in fun, half serious Penny and Leonard have been proposing to each other, always confident that they would turn each other down.  Within the brilliant writing of Chuck Lorre’s writing team,  Leonard and Penny are arguing.  Viewers squirm at how awkward the scene is, (again, the brilliance of Lorre’s writing) and then there is one last proposal and Leonard tells Penny ‘Yes! I’ll be your bran-muffin.’

Then in a pure moment of geek love, Leonard gets down on one knee in front of Penny, opens his wallet and digs around until he finds the ring he’s been carrying around ‘for a while’ (two years).  He purposes very formally and Penny says ‘yes’.  Leading up to this momentous event the episode was a delightful collection of vignettes of each couple and their strange and wonderful love for each other.  Sheldon’s description of his written relationship agreement with Amy, and his successful attempts at dodging any physical contact with Amy is so deadpan and made even more hysterical by Sheldon’s irrefutable logic.

Chuck Lorre has been writing a ‘blog’ before any of us ever thought to do so.  He calls it his vanity page.  And I pause my DVR and read them regularly……Did you know that mainland China has banned The Big Bang Theory?  Yep.

writing, blogs, blogger, comedy, Chuck Lorre, iconic televisionChuck is certain that  it is because of his characters’ references to the Chinese being good at math, photography, and chess.  He goes on to quip that being banned in China chinesethwas a goal of his from the beginning.  Mission accomplished.  The man is too, too, too funny!

I am constantly inspired by writers like Chuck Lorre.  Next time you, who are die-hard fans of The Big Bang, watch the show, LISTEN to the writing.

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2 thoughts on “Leonard Said, ‘Yes!’ The Big Bang Theory!”

  1. Thanks for picking me up on twitter and the shout out. I am a perfect idiot when it comes to tweeting and actually a marketing firm does it for me – I send them what I want to tweet and they monitor my book face page. I do get others’ tweets. My blog is saylingaway.wordpress,com.
    And yes, I adore Big Bang – have watched it faithfully since the beginning. I think Leonard and Penny’s engagement opens a whole new world of humor!

    1. Me too, Noelle. I had to hire a social media guru as there’s just no time. However I do try to answer any personal messages. Thanks too for subscribing
      to my blog. Hope you enjoy!

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