A review: ‘Blood Day’ by Sarah Butland

BougvillasI was asked to review a short story, ‘Blood Day’ by Sarah Butland, a new friend on Facebook.

REVIEW: The hook at the beginning of this short story is effective. I wanted to stay and see where this was leading and it began to draw me in very quickly. The story is disturbing but very well written. Is our heroine in a state of a psychotic break or a genius trying to find herself and fit herself into a mundane and terrifying world?

Writer’s often say their characters are not a part of themselves but are themselves and that writing is
simply thinking on paper. Then I wonder why I didn’t think at all when I wrote as much as I did.’   

Sarah is a talented writer and it is my hope that she develops this into something more.~~ Trisha Sugarek, WriteratPlay.com


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