Leonard Said, ‘Yes!’ The Big Bang Theory!

PenandLeonardth       Penny and Leonard sittin’ in a tree….k.i.s.s.i.n.g.

Half in fun, half serious Penny and Leonard have been proposing to each other, always confident that they would turn each other down.  Within the brilliant writing of Chuck Lorre’s writing team,  Leonard and Penny are arguing.  Viewers squirm at how awkward the scene is, (again, the brilliance of Lorre’s writing) and then there is one last proposal and Leonard tells Penny ‘Yes! I’ll be your bran-muffin.’

Then in a pure moment of geek love, Leonard gets down on one knee in front of Penny, opens his wallet and digs around until he finds the ring he’s been carrying around ‘for a while’ (two years).  He purposes very formally and Penny says ‘yes’.  Leading up to this momentous event the episode was a delightful collection of vignettes of each couple and their strange and wonderful love for each other.  Sheldon’s description of his written relationship agreement with Amy, and Continue reading “Leonard Said, ‘Yes!’ The Big Bang Theory!”