Take a Peek Into a Killer’s Mind…If You Dare!

When I wrote the chapters using the serial killer’s voice, I was slightly creeped out by the character that I had created.  But when my narrator, Daniel Dorse created the killer in the audio version of Book 4, The Angel of Murder, I was REALLY creeped out.  It seemed a perfect time to share an excerpt of the audio book with my readers, followers, and fellow writers.  Cover.Angel - Copy

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‘The World of Murder’ books are available in paperback, e-books and audio.
Narration by: Daniel Dorse, www.acx.com (the voice of Jack O’Roarke)

EXCERPT © from book:

O’Roarke and Garcia sat in the conference room where they had organized their murder board.  They were very uneasy about the ritualistic way in which Brittany James had been laid out and knew that this was just the beginning.  They hoped and prayed that they were wrong.

Missing Persons, in several other boroughs besides Manhattan, had sent over all reports that matched Brittany’s MO.  Little girls, ages five to seven, blonde, taken recently from a public place. Stella stood in front of the dry erasure board and built the story as they knew it. 

“We’ve got a total of four; three girls so far that are missing; one now confirmed dead.  One in Brooklyn, deceased, two missing in Manhattan and one out on Staten Island.  We both want to be wrong, Jack, but the way Brittany was laid out?  It’s definitely a ritual killing and I’ve got a horrible feeling that it won’t be our last.”
“Shit!  I know.”  He studied what Stella had written so far.
“The flowers, the communion dress, the gold cross; it’s like the killer was holding a funeral for her.  Brittany is not catholic so what does the crucifix mean?  My money is on the killer being catholic.”
“When will we know if they got any prints off the dress or the body?” Stella asked.
“I dropped by on my way in this morning and put the fear of God into them.  Told them the next little girl that we find dead, and we will, is on them if they don’t push our case through.”
“Whad’ they say?” Stella asked.
“Told me to get out if I knew what was good for me.  That I’d have ‘em when I had ‘em.”
“Damn it!”
“Language, Stel’.  What would our kids say?”
“I get to swear when I’m not being ‘Mommy’.”
“Okay, I guess that’s only fair.”
O’Roarke stared at his partner.
“What?” Stella asked.
“Your hair’s different.”
Stella blushed as her hand unconsciously went up to her hair to smooth it.
“Not really.”  She hated when Jack noticed something personal.
“Yeah…you got more streaky.”
“Just a little ‘brightening’. I needed a lift.”
“Looks good.”
Stella turned back to the board, eager to get the focus off of her hair.
“I got an email from Ruby this morning.  The vic’s feet had been carefully washed; post mortem, she believes.”
“That’s fuckin’ creepy.” Jack barked.
“And the rest of it isn’t?”  Stella turned and added that fact to their board.

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