Take a Peek Into a Killer’s Mind…If You Dare!

When I wrote the chapters using the serial killer’s voice, I was slightly creeped out by the character that I had created.  But when my narrator, Daniel Dorse created the killer in the audio version of Book 4, The Angel of Murder, I was REALLY creeped out.  It seemed a perfect time to share an excerpt of the audio book with my readers, followers, and fellow writers.  Cover.Angel - Copy

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The World of Murder is available in paperback, e-books and Audio.
www.audible.com, www.amazon.com, and iTunes.com

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‘The World of Murder’ books are available in paperback, e-books and audio.
Narration by: Daniel Dorse, www.acx.com (the voice of Jack O’Roarke)

EXCERPT © from book:

O’Roarke and Garcia sat in the conference room where they had organized their murder board.  They were very uneasy about the ritualistic way in which Brittany James had been laid out and knew that this was just the beginning.  They hoped and prayed that they were wrong. Continue reading “Take a Peek Into a Killer’s Mind…If You Dare!”

‘The Angel of Murder’, Now In Audio!

Cover.Angel - CopyJust released! Book 4 in the World of Murder series is in AUDIO now!

Murder cops, O’Roarke and Garcia have a serial killer on their hands in Book 4 of The World of Murder series. The bodies of children, dressed for communion, are turning up in all five boroughs of New York City and there are no suspects. To complicate their investigation, a private detective has been hired by one of the families to find one of the missing girls. In spite of all their efforts, O’Roarke and Garcia watch as their case goes cold. Who is this monster and when will he strike again?

Available at:  www.audible.com, www.amazon.com, and iTunes.com  AUDIO SAMPLE:angel

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REVIEW:  ……‘what really makes this book interesting is that the author lets us see into the mind of the killer without giving away the identity. All the while you are wondering how the perpetrator can get away with it, you are seeing the world as the murderer sees it.  It’s chilling, and insightful, and a nice addition to the police work and the side stories.

Oh, and there’s a new character, a PI, that I hope we’ll see more of, either in future World of Murder books or in his own series. A good read.’

‘The World of Murder’ books are available in paperback, e-books and audio.
Narration by: Daniel Dorse, www.acx.com (the voice of Jack O’Roarke)




‘The Act of Murder’ in Audio-books now Available!

Act.Murder.Cover.Book3  Just Released in Audio-books!  My third in the series, The World of Murder

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In Book 3 of The World of Murder series, O’Roarke and Garcia are called when a famous Broadway director dies. It appears that everyone hated this man, making the murder cops’ job just that much harder. They have their pick of suspects as everyone within a five mile radius of Broadway had a reason to want this guy dead. From the jealous stage manager, to the resentful actors, to a disappointed and hurt lover. From a scorned understudy, to his ex-wives, any one of them could have done it. This mystery takes the reader back stage into the tumultuous, gossip ridden, world of the theatre.

Also available in paperback and e-books.