Rewrites Are Fun and Creative!

Don’t Be shy about about editing some of your older work. For example, Next! A Hollywood tale.  This stage play is from 2009. Full length drama, for adults. What inspired me to look at it again was a little flurry of book sales for this play.

So I pulled it out, dusted it off and read it again.  And found some interesting spots to make it better. In this latest revision I added a whole new scene, which was overlooked the first go around. I couldn’t believe that I had neglected to tie up a loose thread, which the new scene did nicely. 
I have a philosophy; That is that no story is ever finished and I’ve never been shy about looking back and seeing if something needs a good polish or a rewrite. 
This story is about ‘cattle calls’. Auditions that are open to the public; to anyone with a resume and a headshot. Grueling, harsh, and often cruel, the casting directors are ruthless and go through starving actors like a threshing machine. 

Synopsis: Four young, brash actors come to Hollywood to live out their dreams of making it big in tinsel town. They are convinced that hard work and honed skills will bring them everything that they ever dreamed of. They discover that hard work and talent have very little to do with success.

This full length play tells the story of the unflagging optimism of these four actors. They never give up in spite of the daily exploitation and frustration. This comedic drama portrays the real story behind the auditions, the type casting, the ruthlessness and hidden agendas of the movie industry. How the beautiful people, with virtually no acting talent, become stars overnight while trained, talented actors work for years in menial jobs while pursuing a career in film and theatre. The four characters are representational of all the fine, new actors that Hollywood lures into its machination of heartbreak. The author purposely uses only first names as a symbol of how dispensable these young people are.

A surprising and shocking ending will keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

3f. 3m.

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Getting Ready to Audition?

Are you gearing up for that special audition at the high school, university, or community theatre?  Or maybe you are a seasoned actor who needs something NEW and FRESH to show them!!

Cover.Frnt .Mono. Final Monologues 4 Women is just that.  Original, never before seen monologues mixed in with the classics.



Tear away all the profound, pompous opinions about a successful audition.
Here’s the nitty, gritty facts of going through the audition process by an actor/director/author with thirty years experience in the theatre.

This collection of contemporary, original monologues also includes several pieces for the African-American woman.  Mixed with classic.


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Who is that Actor? The Not-so-Famous, Obscure Actors..

‘I love that actor!  Wasn’t he on Boston Legal?  What’s his name?  Didn’t she used to have her own show? Can you name him/her?  (Answers below if you get stumped.)

Just last week he had a guest appearance in the wildly popular “Manhattan” (Manhattan Project was the code word for the development of the A-bomb)  In 1999, He appeared in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode “Bad Girls” as a morbidly obese demon named Balthazar. He wore a large padded suit and extensive make-up for the role, and the character’s repulsive, villainous nature contradicted many of his earlier roles.  Recently, He has become known for his role as Jerry “Hands” Espenson on the television series Boston Legal. For playing Espenson, he won an Emmy Award for Best Guest Actor in a Drama Series in 2006 and was nominated for the same award in 2007. He remained with the series through to its finale in 2008.  In 2009, He joined CSI: Miami as the new medical examiner, Dr. Tom Loman. He appeared throughout the show’s eighth, ninth and tenth seasons as a recurring character. 2013, also he appeared as guest star in Harry’s Law.  Answer: (nosnemelC, naitsirhC) Continue reading “Who is that Actor? The Not-so-Famous, Obscure Actors..”

More Famous Quotes from Writers….

Neon.RMWO_cover_spine_REV84_copyI have just finished up the fourth in my series of Journals/Handbooks for the creative writer entitled REAL MEN WORK OUT…on PAPER.  The blank journal is filled with quotes that I hope will inspire the writer in you.  Since I hand picked every quote for these books, what better time to share some of the new ones I found.  This particular journal is dedicated to men who love to write.   Great gift idea!

“No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist.” Oscar Wilde

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How to Write a Character Analysis for Writers & Actors!

deathsalesI sat down with some actors the other day and they asked, ‘how do I write a character analysis?  And as I answered them I thought how much this applies to writers as well.  If you don’t know your characters (in your story,novel) your readers will never get to know them.

After many years of writing, my characters show up in my head but it’s my job to ‘flesh them out’. Many times I will meet or see a character in real life and they inspire a character for my writing.  But, it’s still the writer’s or the actor’s job to give them a story and breathe life into them.

If you’re a new writer take the time to write it down, using some of the tools listed here.  If you’re an actor, it is imperative that you write your character analysis.  It not the same as a few random thoughts about your character.  Some intangible thing happens when you put pen to paper and get to know who your character is. Continue reading “How to Write a Character Analysis for Writers & Actors!”