How to Write a Character Analysis for Writers & Actors!

deathsalesI sat down with some actors the other day and they asked, ‘how do I write a character analysis?  And as I answered them I thought how much this applies to writers as well.  If you don’t know your characters (in your story,novel) your readers will never get to know them.

After many years of writing, my characters show up in my head but it’s my job to ‘flesh them out’. Many times I will meet or see a character in real life and they inspire a character for my writing.  But, it’s still the writer’s or the actor’s job to give them a story and breathe life into them.

If you’re a new writer take the time to write it down, using some of the tools listed here.  If you’re an actor, it is imperative that you write your character analysis.  It not the same as a few random thoughts about your character.  Some intangible thing happens when you put pen to paper and get to know who your character is. Continue reading “How to Write a Character Analysis for Writers & Actors!”