Review of A Silent Death by Peter May

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Peter May weaves a wonderful tapestry of murder in his upcoming offering of The Silent Death.  Set in sunny Spain, the author takes the reader onto the narrow, dusty streets of small towns perched on the cliffs of the Mediterranean. His authentic descriptions are based on his personal experiences. (Did you see my interview with Peter?) The author ‘winters’ in Spain every year. 

This reviewer does not write spoilers. But I will say that May’s story and the spectacular subplots takes the reader into the world of darkness and silence of people afflicted with deafness and blindness. The reader comes to deeply care about the character, Ana and the danger she knows she’s in but cannot hear or see it. And learning about ‘touch sign language’. Something which I had never heard of

The author in Spain

but found extremely fascinating.  

May always delivers, bringing the reader into a complex story of true crime and law enforcement. 
I highly recommend this book to my readers.


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