Stanley, the Stalwart Dragon Visits Chicago and Connecticut this Spring

fairy tales, fables, elves, fairies, running away, audio books  Two elementary schools will produce my stage play, ‘Stanley the Stalwart Dragon‘ in May.

This is what I live and write for!

Medinah Christian School, outside of Chicago opens the play May 8th.  And, also in May, Stanley opens at the Eastford Elementary School in Connecticut.

I have been in touch with both schools and will be sending ‘Stanley’ in the illustrated story-book form to their library.

Synopsis:  Stanley, a young dragon, has run away from home. He feels that he is a failure and, as dragons go, he probably is. He’s kind, soft spoken, a good friend and can’t for the life of him, breathe FIRE! One day Stanley and his best friend and side kick, a lady bug named Persnickety land in the fabled forest. Emma is an earthling girl who lives on a farm and plays in the nearby forest with her magical friends. The loveable villain is a raven named City Slick, the Third. Thomas, the pedantic sea turtle, expresses himself in colorful sea faring lingo. And Cheets, the effervescent elf, are just a few of Stanley’s new friends.

One dark night Slick lures Stanley away from the forest and sells him to the circus. The owner of the circus, Freckles the Clown, has left Stanley chained, alone in a tent, ‘where he will remain until he breathes fire!’ The Queen of the Faeries gives Donald and Emma a quest; to go and find Stanley and rescue him.

While this is an adventure story full of laughter, it teaches children that no matter what, it is never a good idea to run away from home and is frequently very dangerous. The fable addresses bigotry, greed, loyalty and kindness to others.

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