What was that old song from the ’50’s?

Judy Garland, mutual admiration, writing, blogging, web site consultant             Remember that song from the ’50’s?  It was in the Broadway musical, Happy Hunting.  “We Belong to a Mut-u-al Ad-mir-a-tion Society”. Best known rendition by Judy Garland.  That’s how I feel about Adato Systems and more specifically, Leon Adato.

Last year I took a long hard look at my web site and realized that it was static, lifeless and way behind the times.  Absolutely NO one visited it!  And I had loved it for so long! So began my journey looking for a web consultant that could bring me into real time with shopping cart, shipping, animation, and far better communication with my readers!

I began by asking an old friend in the computer software industry for a referral….and found Leon.  What a treasure! He’s clever, funny and patient!  As an added bonus he has a degree in theatre from NYU, so he really gets me.  Now that my site is completely finished,  I am able to come on-line and ‘play in my cyber sand box‘!  And BLOG!  Which I have grown  passionate about.

The new software is friendly and easy to learn. Did I mention what a good teacher Leon is?   I think it really shows off my books and scripts with beautiful illustrations (a nod to my wonderful team of illustrators) and is easy to navigate.  I hope my readers and theatre family enjoy it as much as I do!

And now I am a success story on Leon’s site. “………she showcases the work of others. Leveraging her own experience and insight, Trisha is creating reviews of and interviews with other authors, which creates a wonderful sense of community……..”
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Start your month off right!! DON’T MISS UPCOMING BLOGS.  A NEW SERIES,The Writer’s CornerINTERVIEWS with other  best-selling AUTHORS!

I have had a wonderful response from other authors and plan on featuring an interview once a month .  I have invited such luminaries as:  Anne Purser, Dean Koontz, Sheryl Woods, Jo-Ann Mapson, Tasha Alexander, Jeffrey Deaver, Elizabeth Gilbert, Walter Mosley, Nora Roberts, Lisa Scottoline and many others.

So come along with me; we shall sneak into these writers’ special places, be a fly on the wall and watch them create!

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