Interview with best selling author, Sherryl Woods

   I think I have read every book Sherryl has written….  Author, Sherryl Woods           spanning two or three decades.  It is such a pleasure to have this opportunity to interview her; hearing about her rituals, her work space and what keeps her writing over the years.

Q. Where do you write? Do you have a special room, shed, barn, special space for your writing?

A. I have two spaces for writing, since I split my life between two states. In Florida, I have an official office in a condo separate from the one in which I live. I actually walk to work…across a parking garage, which isn’t exactly scenic, but gets me there under the “shortest distance” theory. My view includes a tiny glimpse of the ocean, a slightly better view of Biscayne Bay and a snippet of the Miami skyline. That said, I rarely look up from my computer long enough to see any of it!
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Coming Tuesday! My Interview with author, Sherryl Woods

Author, Sherryl Woods
Author, Sherryl Woods

After decades of enjoying Sherryl’s writing, Pinch me!...I’m interviewing her.  Don’t miss this coming week (Tues. and Thurs.) and my two part chat with this prolific author.

About Sherryl Woods:   With her roots firmly planted in the South, Sherryl Woods has written many of her more than 100 books in that distinctive setting, whether her home state of Virginia, her adopted state, Florida, or her much-adored South Carolina. She’s also especially partial to small towns wherever they may be. In Amazing Gracie, as in her later Trinity Harbor series, Woods creates a fictional version of the town where she spends summers on the shores of the Potomac River. “This town just lends itself to fascinating characters and a charming locale,” she says.

A member of Novelists Inc., Sisters in Crime and Romance Writers of America, Sherryl divides her time between her childhood summer home overlooking the Potomac River in Colonial Beach, Virginia, and her oceanfront home with its lighthouse view, in Key Biscayne, Florida. “Wherever I am, if there’s no water in sight, I get a little antsy,” she says.…


In addition to my twice weekly blog I also feature an interview with another author once a month. So come along with me; we shall sneak into these writers’ special places, be a fly on the wall and watch them create!      Dean Koontz just granted me an interview and will be featured here this spring!

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‘Home to Seaview Key’, A Review (author, Sherryl Woods)

Woods.Review0_A REVIEW!    reviews, authors, writingreviews, authors, writingreviews, authors, writingreviews, authors, writingreviews, authors, writing (5 out of 5 quills)

Sherryl Woods, once again, plunges her reader into a love story, on the first page, with a sexy kiss shared by strangers on a beach.  The story keeps us interested with love fraught with complications, small town politics, and charming and funny characters.

I am a reviewer who does not give the reader the entire story in my review.  I hate when that happens, don’t you?!  But I will promise you that you will be rooting for Abby and Seth by Chapter two.   They both deserve ‘forever’ love, but with the baggage that they both carry (and I’m not talking trains here) will they be able to find a common ground?

And the little town of Seaview Key….every one of us wishes we could live there.  Surrounded by ocean, salty breezes, ice tea on the wrap-around porch and populated by folks that care about their community and each other. Continue reading “‘Home to Seaview Key’, A Review (author, Sherryl Woods)”