‘An Early Wake’…Review of Sheila Connolly’s latest release

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This is my favorite to date from this prolific author.  She writes an Orchard mystery series as well as a museum series but the ones I wait for are the County Cork (Ireland) mysteries.
Without the juicy murder, this book would stand just for the history of the musicians, young and old, that keep the music alive.  Back in the day, when Old Mick Sullivan was still alive, Sullivan’s pub was known as a magnet for impromptu ‘jam sessions’ attracting famous and obscure musicians alike.  In Connolly’s latest story fate brings the musicians back to the new owner, Maura’s, pub but murder is lurking in the back room.

This story has a tight plot with fully developed, rich characters that you will continue to love from the first two books. There’s Maura, the American, who has inherited the ancient pub from a life long friend of her grandmother’s. She’s not certain how she landed in the backwaters of Ireland and isn’t even certain she should stay.  Old timer Billie, a fixture in the pub, who sits in ‘his chair’ by the fire and sips his pint while telling stories of the old days to whoever will listen.  (Young) Mick, Rose, and Jimmy who work for Maura. All lovable characters that the reader will quickly care about.  A must read!

I recommend that you read these in order, (#1-‘Buried in a Bog’) as there is a strong story thread.

Don’t miss my interview with Sheila coming soon!

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