‘The Angel of Murder’, Newest Book in the mystery series Available now!

Cover.Angel - CopyBook 4 in this chilling, surprising mystery series is now available on the author’s web site and at www.amazon.com.

Murder cops, O’Roarke and Garcia have a serial killer on their hands in Book 4 of The World of Murder series.  The bodies of children, dressed for communion, are turning up in all five boroughs of New York City and there are no suspects.  To complicate their investigation,  a private detective has been hired by one of the families to find one of the missing girls.  In spite of all their efforts, O’Roarke and Garcia watch as their case goes cold.   Who is this monster and when will he strike again?

  REVIEW: ‘As with previous investigations in ‘The World of Murder’ titles, readers are also in the dark about the perp’s identity, and are given just as many clues as the detectives on who the murderer could be. This approach in “The Act of Murder” keeps readers interested, capturing attention first through probing the emotionally charged personality of an abusive director and then by offering a series of clues that embrace the essence of a murder mystery puzzle along with insights into motivations on all sides.

Of course crack detectives O’Rourke and Garcia would be chosen to oversee such a high-profile case. As chapters progress, murder mystery fans are drawn into an ever-complex, changing story that holds not just too many perps, but many twists and turns of plot. The story marches deftly to a gripping, unpredictable courtroom conclusion, involving murder mystery fans every step of the way and creating directions that change at a moment’s notice in a winning recommendation for even the most seasoned murder mystery fan.’ ~~ Midwest Book Review