‘Art of Murder’ Goes Live in AUDIO Books

Working successfully with an illustrator  Now in AUDIO books !   Book 1 of the series,  ‘The World of Murder

This short novel is available at www.audible.com TODAY and at www.amazon.com and iTunes.com 

Monty is a struggling, unknown artist, living in Soho in New York. From his third floor walk up, he watches his beautiful neighbor as she comes and goes. Too shy and reclusive to ask her out, he paints her again and again. Suddenly the police are at his door.

Detective O’Roarke and his partner, Stella Garcia sift through the forensics, motives and physical evidence. At first glance it seems that all the evidence points to the strange artist who is obsessed with the beautiful actress. But, as time passes, several other suspects come to the attention of the two murder cops and the case is now not so open and shut. As the detectives immerse themselves in her life, it turns out that she has more than one secret.

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                                                   Coming Soon!                 Video of Murder  

Narrated by Daniel Dorse