Interview with Lee Goldberg, best selling author (Part two)

Lee with Janet Evanovich
Lee with Janet Evanovich

Lee Goldberg: ‘ I am an ex-Navy SEAL, freelance Sexual Surrogate and a professional Pierce Brosnan impersonator.  Okay, that’s not true. But I want this biography to be really exciting, so pay attention. If things bog down, I’ve been instructed to add a car chase or some explicit sex.Here’s the real story. I writes books and television shows. My mother wanted me to be a doctor, and my grandfather wanted me to go into the family furniture business. Instead, I put himself through UCLA as a freelance journalist.’

The Interview with Lee  (part 2)

Q. and the all important: What does the process of going from “no book” to “finished book” look like?

A. That’s such a broad question, it would take a book to answer it. But in simple terms for me, it looks like a 400 page manuscript printed out on my desk…and lots of empty diet coke cans in my recycle bin. Continue reading “Interview with Lee Goldberg, best selling author (Part two)”

Interview with best selling Author, Lee Goldberg (part 1)

Goldberg.1photo-3     I first met Lee while publishing my interview with Janet Evanovich.  He recently co-wrote The Chase with Janet.  His two careers, novelist and TV writer, merged when he wrote the eight books in the Diagnosis Murder series of original novels, based on the hit CBS TV mystery that he also wrote and produced. He followed that up by writing fifteen bestselling novels based on Monk, another TV show that he worked on. So I was delighted when Lee agreed to be interviewed.

Q. Where do you write? Do you have a special room, shed, barn, special space for your writing? (please upload a photo/s of your shed, room, closet, barn….)

A. I have an office in my house where I write surrounded by books and James Bond posters (I alternate the posters every month or so). But I can, and do, write just about anywhere.

Q. Do you have any special rituals when you sit down to write? (a neat work space, sharpened #2 pencils, legal pad, cup of tea, glass of brandy, favorite pajamas, etc.) Continue reading “Interview with best selling Author, Lee Goldberg (part 1)”

Don’t Miss my Interview with Lee Goldberg, Author/TV Producer

leestanding400Tuesday, April 8th I will post my interview with Author/TV Producer Lee Goldberg.  He is the author of the wildly popular television series “Monk” .  In addition he has written dozens of novels.

‘Goldberg broke into television with a freelance script sale to Spenser: For Hire. Since then, his TV writing & producing credits have covered a wide variety of genres, including sci-fi (seaQuest), cop shows (Hunter, The Glades), martial arts (Martial Law), whodunits (Diagnosis Murder, Nero Wolfe), the occult (She-Wolf of London), kid’s shows (R.L. Stine’s The Nightmare Room), T&A (Baywatch, She Spies), comedy (Monk) clip shows (The Best TV Shows That Never Were) and total crap (The Highwayman, The New Adventures of Flipper).’  (excerpt from his bio)

This is a funny and talented guy.  Don’t Miss this two part Interview!

Continue reading “Don’t Miss my Interview with Lee Goldberg, Author/TV Producer”