An Idea..A New Mystery Series! “The World of Murder”

Texas, comedy, stage play, Trisha Sugarek, murder
Production photos from “Cheatin'”

I can’t believe that it was just this past September that I wrote this blog about an idea becoming a one act play and NOW I’m writing my fifth book in the World of Murder mystery series.  The first four novels are available here and on and now are audio books at  So I am thinking it is worth posting this again to let my fellow writers see how an idea can grow into something pretty damn amazing!!

If you missed the story here it is again:

Let’s see….I think it was 2005 and we were in rehearsals for “Cheatin'” in Port Aransas, Texas.  I was the director and we had pulled together a terrific cast.  The title pretty much tells you the story line but the fun part and what made it so funny was it was set in….where else?…… Texas and was filled with good ole’ boys and girls. It was the highest grossing play for that theatre in many a year and won Best Production and Best Set Design (thanks to Janis Johnson’s contribution).  I was very proud of the cast and crew!Texas, comedy, stage play, Trisha Sugarek, murder
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An Idea..A Gift…A new Play and now a Novel! (part two)

short plays mystery,murder mystery, short plays, short plays for the young actor, short plays for teens,   This past Tuesday I started the story about where the idea came, from to write this play.  Here is the rest of the excerpt…..if you like it, write to me and I’ll send you the script,  FREE!  (offer expires 12/1/13) 
Next TUESDAY,  I offer twelve TIPS on how to write a stage play!

(MONTY resumes to paint for a few beats. A door slams down on the street and a woman’s voice is heard.)

VOICE (Off.) Hello, Samantha. Where’re you off to in such a rush?

(MONTY rushes to the window and looks down.)

SAMANTHA. (Voice Off.) Hi, Mrs. Jessup. Just got a call. They want me to audition. Do I look all right?

VOICE (Off.) You’re a blonde now, dear. And so quick!

SAMANTHA. (Voice Off.) It’s…a wig..for the audition.

VOICE (Off.) Well, brunette or blonde, you look lovely, as always.

SAMANTHA. (Voice Off.) Do you need anything from the market? I’m stopping by on my way home.

VOICE (Off.) A quart of milk, if you can, dear. And a half pound of locks if it’s fresh.

SAMANTHA. (Voice Off.) You got it, Mrs. J.

VOICE (Off.) Wait just a moment, I’ll get my pocket book.

SAMANTHA. (Voice Off.) No, it’s okay. You can pay me when I get home. Gotta go…..see you later.

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