Ain’t collaboration a wonderful thing…?

cemeteries in Savannah, photography, tourism, local color, historic Savannah, souvenirs              Yeah, I used bad, slang grammar… sue me.  I had to get the attention of all you writers  because this is important.

My illustrator, Lori Smaltz, is a brilliant photographer and her work has been featured in Life magazine.  I go to her for most of my collage type covers.  At my urging she went to work on a pictorial story of the cemeteries here in Savannah, drawing from her catalog of over 10,000 photos.  These fabulous photographs of the celebrated cemeteries in Savannah, Georgia are brilliant. Fog shimmering through morning sunlight, statuary that tells a story, grave stones worn smooth by time.  Lori catches the serene mood of eternity as Spanish moss drips from hundred year old oak trees.

So she’s working on her first book, (Bone Garden Enchantment) and she calls me one day and asks, ‘could she use some of my Haiku poetry in her book?’  Of course I replied. She went on to ask,  ‘Could she show me the proof to see what I think before she goes to print?’ So began our collaboration.

I like to think that I cracked a door open for her and she is flying now.  She is working on a series of Journal books with themes (landscapes, historic squares, horses, faith-based, flowers) and beautiful Guest books.  Lori recently published a collection of her weird and wonderful poetry that’s been hiding in a drawer for years.

Many writers might think that collaboration is fraught with problems and egos. And thinking this they might shy away from a wonderful opportunity.  Our collaboration has resulted in a beautiful picture book featuring both of our poetry and the opportunity to present it in my book store.historic cemeteries, Savannah, photography, souvenirs, statuary, Haiku poetry

So I repeat,  ‘ain’t collaboration a wonderful thing…?







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Join me at my Book Signing on Saturday!


dragons, elves, fairies, dragon, fairy tales, new book for your child, new fairy tales, running away, friendship            Shaver Book Sellers, on Madison Square here in Savannah has invited this author to hold a book signing.

              This event will begin at

 2PM on Saturday, November 17th.

              Shaver’s carries all of Sugarek’s children’s books, her poetry and her novel, “Women Outside the Walls”.  Also available will be most of her play scripts.

Come by and say “hello” and enjoy this historic, iconic book store that iswomen's fiction, prison, love, family, writing,  locally owned and operated.  Enjoy a beautiful fall day in Madison Square.


Shaver’s Booksellers
326 Bull Street (Madison Square)

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