Stellar Review for “The Taste of Murder”

REVIEW ~~~ The Taste of Murder is Book 5 in Sugarek’s ‘The World of Murder’ series (previously acclaimed by this reviewer as a tight, compelling series that builds powerful scenarios and believable protagonists) and is especially recommended for prior fans of the books who want a continuation of the same successful devices employed in the previous titles: emotion-driven protagonists and a whodunit scenario that puzzles readers as much as the characters doing the investigating.

With its dash of romance, culinary-based intrigue, and a New York City setting, The Taste of Murder is as riveting as its predecessors and offers much to newcomers as well as prior fans. And having the subject be a culinary competition mystery is perfect timing, by the way, given current TV viewer interest in cooking show competitions (which are proliferating – sans murder scenarios, of course!)he story opens on the set of a cooking show competition where four chefs are charged with using ingredients from three mystery shopping bags. All is progressing smoothly … until a world-renowned chef/judge keels over dead.
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Keep Those Creative Doors Unlocked!

So I’m currently working on Book 5 in the series, The World of Murder.  The Taste of Murder takes place in and around the Food ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Network and cooking shows.

My two detectives, O’Roarke and Garcia are waiting for the elevator to take them down to the lobby at the Food Network studios. And who walks off the elevator but Arnold Miller, Broadway star… and one of my characters from The Act of Murder.

I stared at my screen for a second and, even though I was alone in my studio, asked aloud, Arnold, what are you doing in this book?’  I got no answer of course so decided to see where Arnold would lead me.  My readers  know by now that I am a staunch  believer that at some point the story takes over and the writer goes along for the ride….we become the typist.  So why was I surprised when Arnold rushed out of an elevator and almost mowed down my two murder cops?  Well, it turns out that Arnold knew my victim and his lover. He really filled our ear with all the latest gossip!

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