My Web Site has an Exciting new Look!

web site, scripts, books, sugarek,Recently I took a long hard look at my own web site and realized that it was static, lifeless and tired.  And I had loved it for so long! So began my journey for a web consultant that could bring me into real time with shopping cart, shipping, animation, and far better communication with my readers!

I began by asking an old friend in the computer software industry for a referral….and found Leon.  What a treasure. He’s clever, funny and patient!  As an added bonus he has a degree in theatre from NYU, so he really gets me.  While my site isn’t completely finished, while Leon continues to build and polish it I am able to come on line and ‘play in my cyber sand box’!

The new software is friendly and easy to learn. I think it really shows off my books and scripts with beautiful illustrations (a nod to my wonderful team of illustrators) and is easy to navigate.  I hope my readers and theatre family enjoy it as much as I do!