Book Review ~ Revenge Tour

3 out of 5 stars     


Revenge Tour by Mike Lupica. This critic/reader prefers it when the (antagonist) villain in the story has a tiny bit of redemption.  A cutting edge sense of humor, a good brother, or a slice of empathy. When the victim (so-called) has not an ounce of  redemption that does not bode well.  In the case of Revenge Tour, please somebody just shoot Melanie Joan Hall immediately. Or shoot me and end my misery. 

I could have cared less if Sunny Randall and her helpers kept the famous author safe.  She was a miserable human being.  But, other than that I always enjoy Sunny’s escapades. Many of the old gang is back in this one…which readers always appreciate.  The dialogue is cutting edge, very Robert B. Parker. 

Special Note:  I hadn’t realized that it literally takes a village to keep producing Robert B. Parker novels.  I read the ‘Acknowledgments’ (page 321) which lists the team who is involved, with the author, to create another story.  David and Daniel Parker (sons? grandsons?), a senior editor, Lupica’s editor, and the curator of the RBP’s collection, Esther Newberg; all keep Parker’s stories alive.

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