New Ten Minute Play ~~Climate Change

The  actual activists that are seated before Congress this very minute inspired this new play for the classroom. Mother Earth is dying and we have little time to correct the destructive path we, as a species, are on. Young people across the globe see, with a clear vision, what is at risk, while the ‘grownups’ dither and argue and get nothing done. 5f. 5m. 

My Planet, Your Planet, Our Planet is #35 in the series of ten minute plays for the classroom.  “G” rated and appropriate for middle school and high school. 


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2 thoughts on “New Ten Minute Play ~~Climate Change”

  1. Hello, We are looking for short plays that we can present to our church (Episcopal) on Climate crises/change/protecting our environment.

    1. Please check for the email I sent to you, Robert. I have two plays with this theme. One a children’s fantasy, Emma and the Aardvarks. The second one is My Planet, Your Planet, Our Planet. A 10-15 minute play. Both available on And royalty FREE when used in an educational environment.
      Let me know if I may be of further assistance.

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