On Her Majesty’s Frightfully Secret Service ~~ A Review

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~~ On Her Majesty’s Frightfully Secret Service   


Delicious!  House parties full of the aristocracy just as war rumblings begin again in Europe.  Rhys Bowen’s series, A Royal Spyness Mystery delivers once again as Lady Georgiana is roped in by Her Majesty Queen Mary (Elizabeth’s mother) to spy on her son, the Prince of Wales and his oh-so-notorious lover, Wallis Simpson.

It seems that Darcy is always saying goodbye to our royal ‘Georgie’. Something always  thwarts our lovers and separates them.  Will they ever marry?  In this very fine tale, Georgie is off to Italy and Darcy is called  back to his mysterious job with the English government.

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It’s a good story but if the writing falls short, it diminishes the storytelling.  Rhys Bowen is a wonderful writer and one of my favorites. Her writing is crisp and her characters fully developed. The reader is fully engaged. While this is a series and I always tell my readers to begin at the beginning (for a fuller experience) all of Rhys’ stories stand on their own. 

I give this book my highest rating and recommend it to you!

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