Motivational Moments…for Writers! #21

My friend and fellow writer, Jodi Thomas, has sent us another motivational moment to inspire and spur our creative spirit.

Quilting with words

My mother quilted, my grandmother quilted. Both my sisters quilt.I have a quilt room in my house full of handmade quilts dating back five generations. But I don’t quilt. 

One of my first memories is lying beneath the quilting frame and listening to my mother and her friends talking as the needles flew.  I learned that for them it was never about how fine the stitches were, it was about the friendships, the creative adventure, the love that went into each quilt.

Years later, I was in my late thirties and just beginning to write.  My mother was moving into Alzheimer’s.  She’d set in the study with me and quilt on a little frame while I typed away on my stories.  As the years passed and my skill as a writer grew, while her skills slowly vanished we both still loved those morning working together.

Finally, when my first book came out, of course, I dedicated it to her.  To Sally Faye Kirkland Price, who always believed in dreams for her children. I’ve published 45 books as of January 2017.  I’ve won many award and am a New York Times bestseller but her review has always meant the most to me. She was only able to read the first one. When she finished, she smiled, holding the book as if it were a treasure and said, “Jodi, you quilt with words.”

“Writing is easy. All you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.” ~~Gene Fowler

“For those who can do it and who keep their nerve, writing for a living still beats most real, grown-up jobs hands down.” ~~Terence Blacker
                     “As a writer, I marinate, hibernate, and speculate.” Trisha Sugarek

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One thought on “Motivational Moments…for Writers! #21”

  1. Love reading all your books (Jodi Thomas). Certain ones I have read so many times I can almost recite them…the stories give me comfort just like wrapping up in the quilts my mother made for me…I cherish the memories…Bless you Jodi Thomas for sharing your talent with us…

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