The Cliffhouse Haunting by Thorne & Cross……….A Review

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If you like being scared spit-less this is the book for you.  As if a vicious serial killer isn’t good enough, he’s paired up with a very unhappy spirit who haunts the Lodge and the Lake named for her.

In Thorne and Cross’s latest offering, Cliffhouse Lodge is famous for its ghosts. Overlooking Blue Lady Lake, Cliffhouse has just been renovated by its owners, Teddy and Adam Bellamy, and their daughter, Sara. Cliffhouse has not always been a place of rest and respite, though. Over the years icliffhouse-hauntingt has served many vices, from rum-running to prostitution – and although the cat house has been replaced by a miniature golf course and carousel, Cliffhouse retains its dark history; darkest during the Roaring Twenties, when a serial killer called the Bodice Ripper terrorized the town, and a phantom, the Blue Lady, was said to walk when murder was imminent. Death Walks With Her… Now, there’s a new killer on the loose, and the Blue Lady sightings have returned.

I enjoyed the twist on a ‘normal’ family unit. Teddy and Adam are a married, gay couple who have a biological daughter (through surrogacy), Sara.
The characters (and I do mean characters) who wander in and out of the Lodge are well drawn and entertaining.  This writing duo is clever, indeed.

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