Curiosity Killed the Cat? The real Story!      Oddly, (I think) many searches/views on my web site contain  the phrase, ‘curiosity killed the cat’.  I thought it would be fun to tell my visitors where this story actually came from. (Part of my collection of 10 minute plays for the classroom)

By now you  know that I write frequently based on family stories….true ones.

This (short play) comedy is true which just goes to show, once again, that ‘truth is stranger than fiction’.

My auntie Ivah had been grubbing all day in the garden of her brick mansion in the Laurelhurst district in Seattle.  While she could afford a gardener or two, she was an avid gardener herself and could be found there, bare foot, in shorts and a sun hat every fair day.  Ivah wore shorts whenever she could because she had ‘Betty Grable legs’  (An actress circa 1940’s-1950’s whose legs were insured for a million dollars) and Ivah was quite vain about hers. She was eager to show them off at every opportunity…even if it was just to her flowers abounding in her gardens.

Around dinner time her husband, Arthur (an attorney) arrived home and announced that he had a client stopping by to sign some documents on his way to the airport.  Ivah, dirty and smelly from the garden said she’d hide in the kitchen, putting final touches on dinner, until the client was gone.  She heard the reclusive client arrive and she was dying of curiosity as she had heard much about him from her husband. When she thought she heard the client leave she crawled on her hands and knees out through the silent swinging kitchen door, across the dining room floor, to peep out the front window for a look at this very rich, secretive man.  The whole time she traversed the distance to get to the window, he sat in the living room with a perfect view of this supposedly dignified wife of his attorney’s. It turned out that the door closing that Ivah had heard was the paperboy collecting for the newspapers he delivered. When discovered, Ivah met the situation very much like she dealt with life, with grand bravado!  She sat back on her butt, grinned at the millionaire and said, “Hi! I’m Ivah. Would you like to stay for supper?”   The client stayed!CAT
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