What’s in your St. Valentine’s Day Box?

writers, interviews, valentine day, authors,                  My St. Valentine’s Day box is full of authors willing to take time out and be interviewed!    This month, we digress a little with a charming interview with a book narrator.   Audio-books are all the rage now, what with our busy lives,  and professional actor/voice over artist, Tavia Gilbert will let us into her world.  March’s guest author will be Susie Drougas whose modern day mysteries takes us into the wilds of Washington, atop a horse.

Three years ago I began interviewing best selling authors and to my ever-lasting gratitude, they accepted!   Dean Koontz, Sue Grafton, Patrick Taylor, Sheryl Woods, Mark Childress have all graced the pages of my blog!

It doesn’t really surprise me that the authors are relating similar experiences that I have had in my writing life. Characters taking the story in a whole different and unexpected direction.

Dean Koontz: “…if I give characters free will, if I don’t plot out the story and instead present them with a problem and watch them deal with it, they begin to take on a life of their own, frequently surprising me with the choices they make. This is mysterious and exciting.”

Jo-Ann Mapson said, “The “zone,” that wonderful, addictive, “I am but a vessel” kind of feeling only comes when it wishes, doggone it, but I always write in pursuit of it. It’s writer cocaine.

Dorothy Benton-Frank:  When asked, “Where/when do you first discover your characters?” she answered, “Are you kidding? They’re a Greek chorus in my head always begging for a role.”

Ann Purser wrote about inspiration, Inspiration? There`s a thing. Who knows where it comes from? A fevered imagination in my case…”

Susan Elia MacNeal wrote:  “I was absolutely mesmerized and there was a moment—a brief moment, outside the typists’ room (#10 Downing St.) —where I swore I could hear the typewriters, smell the cigarette smoke, feel the tension. It lasted a mere moment, but it changed my life completely.”

If my readers enjoy “The Writer’s Corner” half as much as I do writing it, then you are in for a real treat.

My thanks to all the authors who will be visiting ‘The Writer’s Corner’ in the months to come.  You have knocked me over with your generosity!! writers, authors, interviews,blogs, best-sellers


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