A Day In The Life Of A Writer

anxnst.mouseIt’s time once again to share with other writers, my hopes, my fears, my successes, my setbacks. My days as a writer look very much like a pizza loaded with toppings.

My time at my keyboard, has been filled feverishly working with an editor on The Art of Murder because a publisher is sniffing around my campfire.  That is to say, the senior editor for a publishing co. said my mystery series had ‘tremendous potential‘ but wasn’t quite there yet.  Now we wait and see if my editor and I were able to do what they needed in order to offer me a contract.

Yes, even though I am moderately successful as an indie author, I am still chasing a traditional publisher when I stumble across one.  They have more people on their marketing team than I do.  Like you, I am a one man band.  But a word of caution:  if you get an offer, don’t jump at it until you research the publisher.  There are many out there that are unscrupulous.  I know, I almost got reeled in a couple of months back.  (a serious setback)

Better have a healthy ego if you think you want to be a writer.  I thought my mystery series was prettycrazy lady good….everyone was telling me how much they enjoyed reading them…what a great writer I was.  Then I had an epiphany that I should have a professional editor (fiction-doctor.com) take a look at my work.  Ouch!  Did I still have a lot to learn !  A good editor will correct your goofy paragraph structure and sure, check your grammar and spelling but a GREAT editor will make you dig deep into your own story and discover NEW, good material.

My journals/handbooks are doing very well.  And it’s always a thrill to see the sales numbers.  But, as with most writers, it’s not about the money.  For me it’s about the fact that people are reading my books. Recently a script-film book store in Hollywood began carrying all four of my creative writing Journal/Handbooks.


Three years ago when I launched this new web site, my web site designer told me, “you’re going to have to write a blog, Trish.”  At first I didn’t want to do it; it took me away from my creative writing.
Now three years later,  my blog has grown to an 8+ million readership on social media and it seems to be a favorite with other writers, teachers, actors, and playwrights.  But, it’s a beast that needs feeding every week and I was correct when I thought it would take me away from writing stories.

AA.Cover.bridgeofmurderWhat’s on the stove cookin’?   I am about half way through with Book #6 in the series, The World of Murder. The first draft of (Beneath) The Bridge of Murder will be complete early next year and ready for the eagle eye of my editor.
What a rush it is when I sit down to write and a few hours later I have Trans.G.BookCoverPreview.doslammed down 3000+ words.  This short play just poured through my finger-tips and onto the screen. Available September  30th, a new short play for the classroom. The Trans-G Kid is a timely subject and a current challenge for young people.

A favorite job, as a blogger/writer, is my interviews with best selling authors.  What fun that is! Their answers to my questions are always so unique.  But, there is a common thread and they suffer from the same maladies that we lesser human beings (that are not best selling authors yet) suffer.

I leave you with this:  there is no right or wrong to your writing process.  There is no magic formulablog.brain that will guarantee that you, too, will become a best selling author.  Just write your stories, do the very best  you can, leave it all on the field…….
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Coming later in September: 
A bonus Interview with iconic comic book writer, Chuck Dixon, in September.
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  1. Since I’m editing my third book now, I’m also looking around for a publisher for my series. I’m also embarking on a huge risk – a historical novel. Good luck with that publisher!

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