Entry Island by Peter May ** A Review

reviews, authors, writing  reviews, authors, writing 5 out of 5 quills  A Reviewreviews, authors, writingreviews, authors, writingreviews, authors, writing         Peter May has done it again and we should hold a parade because Entry Island is being released in the USA September 15th.
A bustling murder mystery to be sure…but as Sime Mackenzie is called to the crime scene he experiences an almost debilitating deja’ vu.

Detective Mackenzie is haunted by the certainty that he knows the widow of the murdered man, Entry Island by Peter Mayeven though rationally he knows he’s never seen her before, in this lifetime. His dreams are filled with a time long ago when he, as a young man, witnessed and then fled the ‘clearances’ in the Highlands of  far off Scotland.

Being a historian buff at heart, I adore any story that tells me a tale about a time that I was not so aware of….like ‘the Highland clearances’ in the mid-1800’s in Scotland.  Where aristocratic landlords (usually English but sometimes Scot countrymen) were given legal permission to burn out their tenants, murdering men, women, children at will. They cleared the native population to make more room for livestock.  The survivors were herded, like cattle or slaves, onto ships and taken from Scotland to the islands in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, off Canada.

Author, Peter May

May weaves the two tales together with clever precision and leaves his readers guessing up to the last page. A satisfying mystery becomes almost secondary to the story of  a country (Scotland) that lost its language, its music, its traditions, its population to the dictates of an oppressor.
I highly recommend this book!

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