Two Authors, One Book…(part 2) My Interview with Thorne and Cross

Thorne.pic.2 TS: This is one of the most entertaining and humorous interviews that’s been my pleasure to do.  Enjoy!

Q. Do you have a set time each day to write or do you write only when you are feeling creative?

A. We work 8-to-10 hours per day six days a week. We start in the morning even though we both hate mornings, and work until we’re called for dinner. Writing is a full-time job. If we only worked when the mood struck, we’d never get anything done. Discipline is everything for a serious writer. No excuses.

Q. What’s your best advice to other writers for overcoming procrastination?

A. Give it up or just buckle down and do it. You wouldn’t procrastinate going to a job where you worked for someone else – when you are your own boss, you must be even more disciplined.

Q. Do you ‘get lost’ in your writing and for how long?

A. It’s a bad day if we don’t get lost in our work. Getting lost means it’s going great. It can last for a couple hours to all day. We never know.

Q. Who or what is your “Muse” at the moment ?

A.Our cats, Stalker Kitty and Billy Bob, are our muses. Our troll dolls, too, really.Thorne.pic.5

Q. When did you begin to write seriously?

A. We’ve both been writing seriously since early elementary school. Both of us wanted to be writers as far back as we can recall.

Q. How long after that were you published?

A. We were both published within two years of deciding to write for the publication.

Q. What makes a writer great?

A.Talent, discipline, caffeine, and more talent and discipline.

Q. and the all important: What does the process of going from “no book” to “finished book” look like?

A. It looks like this: Idea; Brainstorming, World-Building, writing, editing, proofing, publishing – and having the same process started on the next book by the time you’re writing the current one.

Q. How has your life experiences influenced your writing/stories?

A. We each bring certain loves and terrors from our pasts to the table and combine them into scarier Cover.Thorne.Bookstories.

Q. Where/when do you first discover your characters?

A. We always discover our characters in our heads. They’re always there waiting to be discovered. We don’t base main characters on real people – that feels like a cheat. We do sometimes draw bad traits from people who annoy us, though. That’s great therapy.

Q. What inspired your story/stories ?

Uh...there's a big spider in your hair...just how long have you been sitting there?
Uh…there’s a big spider in your hair…just how long have you been sitting there?

A. Inspiration is everywhere if you keep your eyes and ears open. The Cliffhouse Haunting was inspired by our trip to a haunted cabin – but that’s only the beginning. The real towns in the mountains near our locale, the history of the area, the festivals inherent to it, various ghost stories, and our mutual love of serial killers all played into it. The real-life cabin experience just served to set off the idea and brainstorming brought it to life. The Ghosts of Ravencrest is inspired by a mutual love of the Gothic – everything from Jane Eyre to Rebecca to Dark Shadows. We love it all. Ravencrest is very exciting because it also allows us to do some spooky historical fiction.

Q. Have you? Or do you want to write in another genre`?

A. Horror is all-encompassing – it’s in straight horror (vampires, werewolves, etc) of course, but it’s rampant in thrillers, mysteries, adventures, and virtually every other genre. We both like the fantastic – ghosts, vamps, inexplicable phenomena and we also love serial killers, conspiracy and lots of other things. We combine what we love and don’t think about genre. We know we fall into horror, and that’s fine. We write what we want to read. That keeps us happy.

Q. Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know?Thorne.pic.7

A. Tamara loves peas. Alistair loves carrots. Vive le difference!

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