Letters to Stanley, the Stalwart Dragon

Catie on the right

fairy tales, fables, elves, fairies, running away, audio booksRecently The Eastford Elementary School in Eastford, CT began rehearsals for my children’ play, Stanley, the Stalwart Dragon, directed by Catie Protonson.  The kids have really been working hard and I have enjoyed every minute of watching them through FB.

I suggested to the young actors that they write each other a letter, in character.  Here are some of the letters….and photos from rehearsals.
letter.5.stan.r.Scan“Dear Dragon Breath,  the queen said that I had to write an apology to you for calling you names.  The only reason I call you Dragon Breath is because you are a dragon and because your breath smells like you ate 27 garlic bagels and didn’t brush your teeth.  I am trying to convince Donna to help me make a giant breath mint for you so when you come I won’t smell your bad breath.  Emma and Donna went to talk to Mr. Freckles, the clown, about how he treated you.  He apologized and said if you ever visit the circus he will have a large bowl of fruit ready for you.  All of the fairies are missing your bubbles.  Hope to see you soon…Cheets”

Letters to Stanley, Dragon



letter.2.stan.Scan“Dear Stare (the owl), Why do you always say ‘who?’ Can’t you be a talking owl? Your ‘whos’ can be annoying. I hope you can talk sooner or later…”A.K. (backstage crew)

“Dear Freckles, You should have never gave that money to that hornswaggling picaroon (Slick) cause it caused  quite a stir in the youngters’ part of the woods.  They could never be trusted.  Anyway, in my business;you know sailing around the world, being rich; your show business is the worst in the world, buying people (dragons)………letter.4.Stan..ScanThomas, The Sea Turtle



“Dear Stanley, the Stalwart, Stop calling me ‘who’. Who! Who? I makes me mad.  Who!  I hope you consider it.  Who!  Who? Who!!  Whoooo!  Sincerely, Stare, the Owl”

The Show opens May 22nd!

letter.3. Stan.ScanStan.rehearsal.29_n

A message from the Director:  Yes. I am The luckiest director alive. We are so thrilled to share this with your devoted readers. You’re an amazing woman. And we are enjoying bringing your words to life! Thank you for taking the time to help with our excitement. You are truly an inspiring woman.”  C.P.

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