Death in a Dacron Sail by N.A. Granger…A Review

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It was a real pleasure to discover a new author….well, actually she found me..and we’ve become friends.  But our friendship doesn’t stand in the way of an honest review and telling my readers how much I enjoyed this story.  N.A. Granger is a crisp and clean writer.  In her second book she takes her readers to the coast of Maine where little girls are turning up missing and then found dead; the latest wrapped in a Dacron sail and washed ashore.

My dear readers know that I differ from other reviewers….I don’t like to fill my page with a synopsis of the story and ‘who done it’.  But I will tell you this much: Rhe Brewster, an ER nurse, is an unlikely investigator but it works. You will immediately like and respect her.  She is brought in as a consultant to the Pequod police when a severed juvenile finger is found in a lobsterman’s trap. To add conflict, her outspoken husband (which I grew to loathe) scolds and ridicules her every move and her involvement in the case.

I asked Noelle how much writing she had done before her first novel, Death in a Red Canvas Chair, thinking that there had to have been some trial and error before she became the writer that she is.  She replied:
I just sat down and wrote the first book! Took six months to write
and four years to polish it.   During the four years I published some short stories, then the same thing
with the second book (this one) but maybe a little longer writing and only two years
or so polishing. I have two critique groups who help and then an editor. I’m learning!”

The twists and turns of this second in the series, by relatively new author, N.A. Granger is well worth your time.  The plot is tightly woven and the characters are believable and rich.

Coming Soon!  My interview with N. (Noelle) A. Granger


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3 thoughts on “Death in a Dacron Sail by N.A. Granger…A Review”

  1. Thank you so much for this lovely review, Trish. I’m glad you enjoyed Rhe’s latest adventures. Stay tuned for Death by Pumpkin, her next time out.

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