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Billie Holiday, jazz, stage play, one act play,              I was going through some old photos to update my gallery here on my site and I came across this wonderful production shot of Latrelle Bright, as Billie Holiday.  The Renaissance Guild in San Antonio, Texas featured “Scent of Magnolia” in their OneAct Series back in…..gosh, I want to say 2003.  Originally I was the playwright, Latrelle was directing it and we had an actress who could sing.  We lost our actress so Latrelle (an accomplished actor) stepped in as Billie Holiday and I stepped up as director.  Happy Accident time!  She was fabulous!  Sang all of Billie’s songs acappella. Who knew she had such a lovely voice?  Standing “O’s” every performance with lots of tears from the audience. (A writer’s dream)

Latrelle is now a happy resident of Chicago (where it all started for me with this script; funny how that worked out) and is pursuing her teaching career in the performing arts.

What a journey Billie and I have had.  Originally I wrote this stage play for a friend (Carolyn) who was a jazz singer in Chicago and where it was ultimately produced.  But since then it has been produced many times in this country and abroad.  It is the most sold (for me) on Amazon.com and most clicked here on the site.

This script started out as a favor for a friend and ended up nine years later as a ‘much loved piece portraying an important part of Billie Holiday, stage plays, scripts, monologues, jazz singer, segregrationour African-American heritage.’  When I started this project, I didn’t know much about Billie’s life; just knew that I loved her voice.  The script is historically correct (extensive research) with the only exception being how “Strange Fruit” was born.  Thank goodness we writers can take dramatic license, right?

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