‘Art of Murder’, Book 1 has a NEW Look!

Book 1 in the World of Murder Series has a NEW Look and NEW chapters.  Available now here in my store and at www.amazon.com

New dynamic cover, new title, and new love interest woven through the true crime mystery.

When I wrote this less than a year ago, I thought, ‘just a murder mystery, something fun to try, a different genre,’ and then I’d move on.  Little did I know at the time that it would become a popular series and Book 5 has just been published.

So I thought the other day that I should revisit Book 1 and see what I thought about it now, 1+ years later.  And this is especially aimed at my fellow writers. Don’t ever be shy about revisiting something you’ve written; maybe you can make it better.  Low and behold I discovered that I had not given my readers enough about O’Roarke’s and Garcia’s personal lives and I had neglected to tie up some loose ends.

What I discovered with a critical look at my own work, was that there was more to write! I ended up with 6,000 additional words and  new chapters.  AND a better story!

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Available  on  e-books and Audio books.


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