Everything but the Kitchen Sink~~(new series) Diary of a Mad Writer!

So many of you have asked how I can be so prolific in my fiction, how I maintain a blog twice a week and interview otwriting, process, writers, styleher authors too.   So maybe it would be fun for you if I wrote once in awhile about what I’m doing…..I’m calling it Everything but the KITCHEN SINK because I’m throwing everything into the pot ……..no rhyme or reason.

This week I have the great pleasure to review Peter May’s latest book “The Lewis Man” during his book tour in the US.Saturday my blog will begin my interview with him and he has been so generous with his time and writing processes.

One of my favorite posts coming is how the (; ) smiley face was created back in 1982.  After some research I found the original email that first featured these emoticons.

Don’t know if you remember or not, but a few years ago I spent 10 days in Argentina at the invitation of two young professors and their university, National University of Villa María .  They teach English (through action) there. The families of Mariana, Marta, and Fiorella hosted me in their homes with dinners, lunches, and sightseeing.  The University experience was wonderful; speaking to different classes each day.

Now about three years later, (we are still in touch) I am going to join their class once again, via Skype. (That’s me on the screen) They had been sending their writings, their poetry and questions via email and I thought what fun to Skype with them.  More about that later.Classroom in Argentina._n

I received a royalty check from Samuel French today for my play “Stanley the Stalwart Dragon” produced by the Fusion Dance Academy this past May.  They are growing into becoming a Performing Arts center.   I just spoke with them and they are sending me photos of their production  which I will share later in another Kitchen Sink post.

I had to hire a part-time social media assistant to help me with the tremendous growth of my site in social media.
After two months, she has helped me grow my audience to over 500,000 people.

If you like this please leave a comment and I will write more about what I am doing!



In addition to my twice weekly blog I also feature an interview with another author once a month. So come along with me; we shall sneak into these writers’ special places, be a fly on the wall and watch them create!    Barbara Delinsky and Elizabeth Hoyt are my October authors.


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4 thoughts on “Everything but the Kitchen Sink~~(new series) Diary of a Mad Writer!”

  1. Trisha
    September 20, 2014 at 3:15pm
    I read every word you write and they always keep me smiling. If you have any of that energy left over I could use some. Thank you

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