‘My momma always said, Life is Like a Box of Chocolates’….or words (part 4)


literacy, words, writing, Once again time has gotten away from me and I need to revisit my love of new and old words. (Blog Jan. 8th)  In this series I talk about my ‘box of chocolates’ being filled with words.

Texting has created a whole new language of abbreviations, misspells and down right goofyness texting, words, misspelled, abbreviationsand that’s a good thing in this century of technology.  But can’t we do both?  Be articulate?  Literate? and be able to string a decent sentence  (or paragraph) together?  Is that asking too much?

I love the sound of these, the way they feel in my mouth.

overflowing with fervor, enthusiasm, or excitement, high spirited. (much the way I feel about my blogging)

raconteur:   a person who is skilled  in relating anecdotes interestingly.  (what I try to achieve while blogging)  I had not heard this word used before until last Sunday, on Masterpiece Classics on the PBS when Mr. Selfridge’s line was, ‘I am a raconteur.’ when referring to his story telling. 

avidity: greediness, keenly eager. (much the way I feel about my blogging)

literacy, words, writing, insouciance:  indifferent, lack of care or concern.  (the antithesis of how I feel about my blogging)

extant:  still in existence,  standing out, not destroyed.  (my blog still exists and I hope ‘stands out’)


I’ll be ‘positing’ more to this series of favorite words.  Feel free to send me some of yours!!
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This artist is inspired by ‘dance’….what inspires you to write?

I am a big fan of reality dance shows (All the Right Moves, So you think You can Dance, Dance Moms, The Chance to Dance, Breaking Pointe; the list goes on and on).  Nope! Not a big a fan of Dancing with the Stars…..(sigh, sorry).   Wait!  Don’t give up on me quite yet…..please read on.

As my readers probably already know I create many short scripts about ‘real time’ challenges for the teens of today. And the other night I was watching the season finale of the Abby Lee Dance Company (Dance Moms) and Abby choreographed a dance, inspiration, teens, texting and driving, teenagers, textingpowerful and brilliant piece called, “The Last Text”.

All told in dance, it was about a car load of teens texting while driving and the predictable results, a horrific car crash.  The dance piece was stellar!  And won national awards! I am certain you can see it in a re-run; believe me it is worth tracking down.

I was inspired to write another short play for my “ShortN’Small”  series.  About texting and driving and the possible consequences.  I  borrowed the concept from her wonderful choreography (blocking) and the premise of the piece.  But the dialogue that her wonderful work inspired in me is all mine!

 I’ve always believed that excellence breeds excellence.  I have always been attracted to the company of smarter people than myself.  They teach me so much.  I always wanted to play with better tennis players…it made me a better player.  I was never jealous of a more accomplished actor than I was;  they made me grow and stretch as an actor.  And watching young dancers makes me happy; they are such athletes and so passionate about dancing…. of course, I was inspired !

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