Pumping Out Experiments


Mean.GirlsBookCoverImageI want to talk about a few of experiments that I have pumped out over the past few years.  Five years ago I published an eclectic collection of ten minute plays. At that time, it was all the rage for theatre companies to produce them, usually in a group for an evening’s entertainment.  The ‘G’ rated short plays in the collection were very popular with young actors and educators. This  experiment did pretty well; sales plunked along at a decent rate. Then I had another brain storm (oh, no! not another one).

Since teachers have NO budget for the arts, why not write and publish individual short plays for the classroom.  Small casts, no set, no costumes.  And CHEAP!

Love.Bruises.BookCoverImage           The experiment:  I wrote two and published them on amazon.com.  Within a week, they began to fly off the shelves. It’s several years later and there are now twenty-seven of these short plays.  Twenty of them deal with real life issues for today’s teen.

I had been toying with the idea of publishing a Journal for Creative Writing. I had noticed that the post most frequently visited on my blog was ‘How To Write A Play‘.  I decided to turn the journal into a handbook about writing.  Maintaining the 275 blank pages for the writer’s work, I added tips on how to write a play, poetry, fiction, how to get started (that first sentence) and more.

Have all my experiments been an over-night hit?  No…failure must be the spur to achieving more. Some of my ideas have been abysmal rejects.  But indie publishing is very economical so why not try? And indie publishing opens other doors.  1.Creative.Write.BookCoverImage

It all begins with trying, with an experiment.   Who would have guessed that my ‘little play books’ would take off like they have.  So don’t be afraid to experiment with a writing idea.  What have you got to lose?



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