‘My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates….’ (part 3)

words, writing, blogging, love of language,    I can’t believe all this time has whizzed by without my revisiting my love of new and old words. (Blog Oct. 18th)  In this series I was telling you that my ‘box of chocolates’ contains words.  I love the sound of these, the way they feel in my mouth, the images they evoke…….oooh, that’s a good one:

‘evoke‘:   to call up, to summon, call to mind, conjure up.

milquetoast:  now this is a word you don’t see every day.  It might even be obsolete.  When it was used (18th-19th century)  it was referring to somebody regarded as timid or submissive, especially a man.

trenchant‘: forceful, direct, caustic or scathing way of speaking.

mews‘: a residential street; This is a British word for a small street lined with former stables that have been converted into housing.  While still used in England, the closest word we have in the US is an ‘alley-way’ or down south we call them ‘lanes’.

sagacity‘: reasonableness, wisdom, prudence, shrewdness.

I own a carriage house in what could legitimately be called the ‘mews’.  The carriage house was used at the turn of the 20th century to house the town carriage and horses.  It is now a two bedroom apartment.  Somehow mews is a much more romantic, prettier word than the ‘alley‘.  Don’t you think?

I’ll be ‘positing’ more to this series of favorite words.  Feel free to send me some of yours!!
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