Sheldon & Amy Rock the Planet, much like the Big Bang!

Coitus.2.BobNewhardBob Newhart, dressed as Obi Kenobi, acting as a sex therapist to Sheldon in a dream sequence? Sheldon has decided to give Amy his genitals for her birthday. It tickles this writer’s desert-dry funny bone to the core.

Sheldon doesn’t know the first thing about ‘coitus’ other than the definition he’s read in a dictionary: ‘physical union of male and female genitalia accompanied by rhythmic movements’. That in itself is too funny for words, especially when delivered by Sheldon.

Chuck Lorre and his writing team have brilliantly joined the much awaited Star Wars movie with Sheldon and Amy’s very first romp in the bedroom and they rock the planet, much like the big bang.
The episode starts with the  beginning crawl of a Star Wars movie, spoof about Sheldon ‘going where no man has gone before…Continue reading “Sheldon & Amy Rock the Planet, much like the Big Bang!”