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My momma always said, Life is Like a Box of Choc….or, for me, words (part 7)

writers, write, words, dictionaryMy box of chocolates is a new word or two or three.  My readers know how much I love the sound of words, the feel of them in my mouth, and the joy of finding out trivia about a certain word.  For example:

KerfuffleA commotion or fuss, especially one caused by conflicting views. (Oxford Dictionary)
Origin: Early 19th century: perhaps from Scots curfuffle (probably kerfuffle from Scottish Gaelic car ‘twist, bend’ + imitative Scots fuffle ‘to disorder’), or related to Irish cior thual ‘confusion, disorder’.
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‘Okay!’ Another word from my Box of Chocolates…Okay, tell me!

words, okay, writers, writing wordsIf you are one of my readers you know by now how much I love words.  New words, obscure words, the origin of words.  Ever wonder about the word, ‘okay’ ‘OK’ ??  I think you’ll be surprised!  How many times do we use it in a day?  How many times do we hear it in a day?
Not to mention how many times a day we click on “OK”!

Here’s some facts about the early history of the abbreviation O.K.

The historical record shows that ‘OK’ appeared as an abbreviation for “oll korrect” (a conscious misspelling of “all correct”) in Boston newspapers in 1839.   It was reinterpreted in the 1840 United States presidential election as an affectionate reference to Presidential  candidate, Martin “OK” Van Buren. (shortened from ‘Old Kinderhook’ as Van Buren was born in Kinderhook, NY.)  Insinuating that he was an ‘okay’ guy.

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