‘Her Majesty’s Hope’ a Review of Susan E.MacNeal’s new book

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Yesterday Susan Elia MacNeal’s latest Maggie Hope mystery was released.  It’s no surprise that I have been eagerly awaiting the interviews, best selling authors, fiction, new fictionrelease of His Majesty’s Hope by this accomplished writer.

Each of MacNeal’s books are ‘stand alone’ stories but to get the most pleasure from them, I highly recommend you read them in order.  Starting with Mr. Churchill’s Secretary, we follow Maggie as she works as a lowly typist in a typing pool at #10 Downing Street in spite of her knowledge and natural ability with languages.  She is a master of cryptology and codes but in the 1930’s it was unheard of for a woman to be used in that capacity.

She quickly rises in Mr. Churchill’s government and trains with the British CIA.  I have to give a nod to Princess Elizabeth’s Spy because if you love the ‘royals’ (as I do) this is an amazing look into Windsor Castle  when the now Queen was just a young girl.  It’s a surprising and fascinating mystery.

The most current in this series takes a harsh, horrifying look at Hitler’s ethnic cleansing.  Maggie is dropped into Germany as a spy and  also to confront the mother she never knew and thought had died in a car crash years ago.

Seventy-five years later, the systematic destruction of the Jewish population is chilling and this gifted writer puts it in a context that is both horrifying and heart-breaking.  MacNeal’s characters are full and rich with several story lines weaving through this period in our history.  And interviews, authors, writers, Winston Churchillthen she neatly ties all the ends together, leaving you wanting more….which her fans will get with a little patience.

I was so pleased to have interviewed Susan a couple of months ago and if you missed it,  click here.

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